A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace Review

A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace Review

Name: A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace
Website:  Chewy.com
Price: $49.99 with free shipping
Owners: A Pet’s Life
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10


A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace, Product Overview

This is a simple, yet beautiful necklace made from stainless steel. It is designed with a paw print on the front of the pendant and holds a small amount of cremated remains of your beloved pet. The chain is 19″ long and the gift comes with a small filling kit for convenience. Even though your pet may have passed over the rainbow bridge, you can keep them close to your heart with this pendant.

The Good & the Bad


  • The cost: For only $50, you can keep your pet’s memory close
  • Free shipping: this ships within 1-3 days
  • Simplicity: This is a beautifully made pendant that is simple, but that speaks volumes on how you love your furbaby.


  • I really don’t see a con on this, as it is well priced and you can get through Chewy.com

Who is A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace For?

I believe this pendant is for someone who has lost a beloved pet and who would like to keep a small token/memory near their heart.

For those of us who have lost a pet, it is hard to find something that speaks volumes of our love for our pets, but is also small and simple that can be worn close to our hearts.  It is also difficult to find something that may be within our price range.

I know for me, this necklace is small, simple, and I can put my pet’s ashes in the back of the pendant (if I want), and it is in my price range (and does not overtly advertise my pet’s death).

My Final Opinion of A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace

I really like the pendant/necklace due to the simplicity and beauty of the paw print. It is affordable and can be purchased through Chewy.com, so you know if you have issues with the product or service, Chewy.com will provide great customer service. 

A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace at a Glance… 

Name: A Pet’s Life Round Paw Necklace
Website: Chewy.com
Owners: A Pet’s Life
Overall Scam Rank: 9 out of 100


Pets and Wine – A Winning Combination

Stoney Creek Wine Press Review

Name: Stoney Creek Wine Press

Website: https://www.stoneycreekwinepress.com/index.cfm?dealerid=1936

Price: Varies

Owners: Richard Smith and Derrick Carter

Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Customized Wine Labels, Product Overview

Stoney Creek is a place to go to print out personalized wine, beer, and even jam labels for special occasions or for special loved ones. They have multiple types of labels you can choose from, but they also have an option where you can upload your own photo or design.

The label editor will display your chosen design along with customized text fields where you can personalize it to your needs. You have the ability to edit text, colors, shapes, and material for your label. Once you are done editing the label, you can view it on a 3-D Bottle Preview. Choose the bottle type, size, and color, to see how your label looks.

Once you order the labels, a designer is assigned to your order. You have the ability to work closely with them to ensure the label is exactly what you need. If you have any questions or concerns, the designer you are working with will be the one to help you.

The labels will take approximately 48-72 hours to process, and another 3-5 days to ship. For those ordering in the U.S., the shipment comes from Washington state in first class, so you should receive your labels within 1 – 3 business days.

The Good & the Bad


  • The labels are fully customizable. You can upload your own pictures or designs.
  • After the order is processed, you deal with one person. There is no calling into a call center where you speak to a different person every time.
  • You can view your label in 3-D to ensure it looks good. There is no questioning how it will look on the wine or beer bottle.


  • It is hard to estimate the cost. You need to play around in the system to find how much it may cost.
  • They don’t ship wine or beer…just labels. (Although, they do work with a couple of wineries to create the full package.)

Who is Customized Wine Label For?

I thought this idea would be amazing for those who have lost a pet or who want to create a keepsake for their pets. It is completely customizable, so you can upload a favorite picture or memory and add it to a favorite wine bottle or beer stein. It is a smaller version of a portrait, so it will fit in many small, decorative places.

Want to have fun with your pets and customized labels? This is a possibility too. When I was looking into these labels, I thought of a few ideas such as “Roc’s Roooose” or “Beckham’s Brew”… Maybe “Nuka’s Limited Edition for all Moms Who Need a Glass of Wine Now”. Okay, that may be a bit much, but it gives you an idea on how you can create your own special label with your pet.

The nice thing is, glass bottles can be re-purposed for decoration. You can add flowers, sands, or beads…even your pet’s ashes. I am super creative like that, but I am sure there are tons of ideas out there in Pinterest or Google.


My Final Opinion of Customized Wine Labels by Stoney Creek

I really like this idea. I think it is a creative way to commemorate special relationships, and have fun while doing so. Customized labels can be added to wine bottles, beer bottles, jam containers, but you can also use them for art projects or when you are creating a memorial for your pet.

I also like the idea because pets and wine go hand in hand. We all love our pets, and wine has become a hot commodity, so why not create a customized wine label that commemorates the bond you have with your pet? I mean…when you are having a glass of wine, where does your pet usually sit? Mine? Across my lap or right next to me.

Tell me what you think…have you had any experience with Stoney Creek Wine Press? How do you rate them?

Product Review -Personalized Pet Memorial Gifts

After the last post, I started thinking about appropriate gifts or keepsakes for those who have lost a pet.  I was browsing through some of the amazing personalized pet memorial gifts from Craft Love Craft Life, and wanted to give you my opinion on a couple. (I couldn’t keep it to just one!) Today, the review is going to be on the personalized pet portrait and the “You left paw prints on my heart” ring. These items will show you the difference in price points (but no decline in quality), as well as the opportunities you have to memorialize your fur baby after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Craft Love Craft Life

Name: Pet Portrait

Website: https://www.craftlovecraftlife.com/ref/brikel/

Price: $187.26 – $243.43

Overall Rank: 4.9 out of 5


Pet Portrait Product Overview

If you are interested in having a portrait done of your pet, Craft Love Craft Life offers an opportunity for you to recreate your favorite picture of a pet that has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. The portrait is a pencil drawing of your pet’s head, face, and upper neck, and can also include customization if requested. The drawing is done on an 8 x 10″ watercolor cold pressed paper with a 0.5″ border all around. To order, submit your favorite pictures of your beloved pet with ideas on how you want the picture to look to rebecca@craftlovecraftlife.com. She will provide you a digital copy of the proof of what it will look like in the final product.

If you have multiple pets you want included in the portrait, you can have it customized. Just email Rebecca, and she will guide you through the process and any additional costs.

Craft Love Craft Life also offers payments options for those who need assistance. A deposit is necessary to start the process, and a final payment is required before the portrait is shipped. If you have any questions, you can email per the link on the site.

The Good & the Bad


  • The accuracy of the drawing is incredible. The artist takes great pride in getting the details and nuances of your pet.
  • The size of the portrait allows you to place the portrait anywhere in your home. An 8 x 10″ is a perfect size to hang on your wall with the family pictures or even place on your desk at work as a remembrance of your loved one.
  • Considering this is a hand drawn portrait with intricate detail, the price is decent.
  • You are able to customize if needed. You would just need to contact the company to do so.


  • For some, the price may be a little too much.
  • The portrait only includes the head, face, and upper neck. It will not include a full body shot.
  • 4-6 week shipping time frame…Okay, I guess for me, I want my picture ASAP….but for a quality portrait…I guess I can wait.

Who is the Pet Portrait For?

This pet portrait is for anyone who wants to have a beautifully recreated picture of their pet. This can be for those whose pets have already crossed the rainbow bridge, who are soon to make that journey, or for those who are interested in having a portrait created for their pet. It is a timeless piece that can be added in any venue, and is something that can bring a smile to your face every time you see it.



Name: You Left Pawprints on My Heart

Website: https://www.craftlovecraftlife.com/ref/brikel/

Price: $15.64

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5

You Left Pawprints on My Heart Product Overview

This 9.5mm aluminum ring serves as a sweet reminder of the pet who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. You can customize the ring with any name, date, or symbol. Each ring is hand stamped and made to order!

The Good & the Bad


  • The price is on-point.
  • The ring is small, customized, and something that has meaning to you. You can wear it at all times to remember your fur baby.
  • I like the simplicity in the design.
  • You are able to customize if needed. You would just need to contact the company to do so.


I really couldn’t think of anything considering the quality of the metal and the price point. The only negative I could see, is it may not be as customizable as you like…however, Craft Love Craft Life has many other opportunities to customize jewelry.


Who is the Ring For?

This is truly a gift for anyone who likes simple or who likes a jewelry item that memorializes their fur baby. It is a great gift for someone who wants a small keepsake to wear on a daily basis or for someone who wants to support the animal welfare industry. It is a universal gift idea, and the price really makes this affordable for everyone who is looking for a small token or gift. (My 10 year old son is requesting I buy one for him!)


Kelly’s Wish List…

Okay, okay, okay…I have scoured Craft Love Craft Life, and there are so many things I would love to purchase. These two items are only a small sampling of what the company offers. The portraits are high quality pencil drawings where you can tell the artist takes time to get to know your pet before recreating your favorite photo. The rings are a perfect gift for friends, family, or even yourself to remember that your fur baby will always have your heart. They are small, unique, and a quality ring that can be worn for a long time.

I would encourage you to click on the website to check out all the other really neat ideas for memorial gifts. There is something for every price point, so it will be easy to find something for that special person (or yourself). You can even include your pet’s fur or ashes to make it more personalized to you.

Please also shoot me a reply and tell me what you thought. I would love to hear your review on what you purchased and if you would recommend it to your friends! Let me know below, and I will respond to you as soon as I can.



Pet Memorial Gift Ideas – Humane Goods 25” Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime Review

I have heard many people have gone through the loss of a pet recently, and it got me thinking…” Is there a nice pet memorial gift that is of good quality and that can last for many years?” Personally, I like gifts that have a meaning behind it or are personalized… I am not saying a picture frame is bad, but I want something that gives more meaning. My quest to find a worthy gift populated a ton of ideas, but the Humane Goods 25” Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime really stuck out to me. This blog will be a review of the wind chimes and if I think it is a worthy gift.

So… What is the Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime?

Here are the stats:

The entire gift is 25″ long and contains 6 chimes measuring 36cm to 25cm in length and tuned to the pentatonic scale. The chimes are made of quality material that creates a beautiful tone instead of the dull ring heard in other smaller wind chimes. Each tube is a different color of the rainbow and the seal at the bottom of the chime reads “Meet me under the Rainbow Bridge.

The wind chime is completely assembled, so you do not have to worry about setting up the tubes in the correct order. (Hooray!) It is a simple design; however, the quality of the materials and the fact it is created to hang outdoors is a plus. You can even request to have your pet’s name engraved on the chime.

What’s the cost? On sale now, it is $34, but when the sale is over, the price goes back to $67.

Music to My Ears?

I was thinking about this because chimes can be either beautiful or absolutely annoying depending on the sound they make and how often they make that sound. I also think to the size of the object and if it would be conducive in a small apartment or house in the city or in a larger home in the suburbs or country.

Now, I get annoyed with some wind chimes because the tone is too high and too tinny (is that a word?). My home is in Phoenix, so we don’t get a lot of wind, but when the wind does arrive, it can be big and it can stay for a day or two at a time. That means, the Rainbow Bridge chime may make music on occasion, but it will constantly lovely to the eye. For cities that are more windy like Chicago, those chimes may be playing music all day and all night.

Thankfully, you can hear the chimes here and make a decision for yourself. Personally, the tone is not to high. It has a great range of notes that work well together to not become too bothersome for me.

In regard to the size…the chime itself is 25″ tall. I have a big mesquite tree that it can hang from; however, some pet parents may not have a big tree to hang it from. Depending on the housing situation you are in, you can hang it from the eves of the home or on a large plant hanger…even inside from an eye hook in the ceiling. It will just depend on if it is conducive to your living situation…and your (cough) neighbors.

For me…my mesquite tree in the backyard is perfect!

Why Would I Buy This Product?

Because it’s cool… Well, OK, beside that. Why would this be a good purchase?

First of all, the gift is to remember the life of a loved pet. It is to honor those pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and to have something tangible that will remind us of those days gone by. Each pet is unique, but the overall message remains the same. They are waiting to meet us under the Rainbow Bridge.

Second, these chimes are made from quality material. It is heartbreaking when you purchase a remembrance gift and it breaks or wears down in a few months. Even though the cost may be a little more than one would expect to spend, it is definitely worth the purchase. The tubes are thick and can handle most weather, and each is tuned to the pentatonic scale.

Third, the company, Humane Goods, created the wind chime to be of good quality because of the love of animals. They create beautiful, cruelty-free products for pets as well as gifts to remember our pets by. In addition to creating these quality products, they also create awareness for animal welfare and building a business that focuses on the animal and not just on profit. Animals come first.

Fourth… I am circling back…because the wind chimes are cool. I love the idea of sitting in my backyard, listening to the wind chimes, remembering my fur babies who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. There is something so calming and soothing about listening to the wind move and the chimes sing. The wind chime is also aesthetically pleasing as it does not consist of drab metal tubes. Humane Goods put a lot of effort into making the product look pretty in addition to sounding pretty.

Kelly’s Final Thoughts and Rating


I am going to give this a 4.8 out of 5. The idea, the material, the quality are all positive. I am only concerned with people who get annoyed easily (again..cough, neighbors) and the size for those people who may not have enough room to house this product. The visual aspect is a great remembrance of the Rainbow Bridge and how we will meet our pets again, and the music is not harsh on our ears.

The positives outweigh the negatives in this pet product review. The Humane Goods 25″ Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime is a worthy gift for those who have lost a loved pet AND who are looking to make a conscious effort to help animals in need.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have more questions…and let me know if you purchase one. I would love to hear your review as well!

To purchase, click HERE!

Till the next time…

With love,