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We are continuing the theme of favorite pet memories from some of my favorite people, and I would like to introduce you to Heidi! I have known Heidi for at least 10 years. We first met when I took my Malamute, Roc to be groomed. I was a little nervous about getting him groomed because I didn’t know how he was in that situation, plus he had some skin issues from when he was surrendered to the shelter. Heidi did an amazing job and both Roc and I fell in love with her. Any shop she transferred to…we followed! She was there the full ten years we had Roc, and she cried with me when we made the decision to let Roc go.

Heidi has been through life with me…she was there for Roc, for all three of my human babies…and than for Nuka and Beckham. She was the first to know when we adopted a new puppy or kitty, and she was always the first to talk to when I had questions regarding skin/fur issues. She has such a way with animals (and kids!) that I was soooo excited to hear she started her own mobile grooming business. (not that I would have her groom my kids…although they probably could use it. haha!)







Here is Heidi’s story, favorite memories, and advice for those who are going through some tough times.

Who is Heidi?

My name is Heidi I am a mobile dog groomer. I am the owner of Jazzy on the Spot Mobile Grooming in the Phoenix, AZ area. I have been doing grooming for 13 years now. I went into grooming after I realized my dream of cosmetology was not the right path. I like animals way more than people. I am owned by three pugs, a shihtzu, a pomchi and 2 cats.


Favorite Pet Memory as a Child

My favorite pet memory as a child is when I was 5. I wanted nothing more then to have a dog. We had dogs before I was 5, but I didn’t have my own dog. I wrote Santa a letter asking for a puppy on Christmas Eve. I was wakened by a crying coming from the kitchen, and there was this black fuzzy puppy with brown paws trying to get over the barrier that separated the kitchen from the rest of the house. I was over that barrier so fast and hugging my new puppy. My mom woke up a little later and saw me snuggling my new puppy (we named him Shelby).

Favorite Recent Pet Memory

My favorite recent memory….that’s hard. I live with some amazing animals, and I groom some amazing puppies. But Rhoda is the one that comes to mind. Rhoda is a standard schnauzer. The first time I met Rhoda’s mom, I was told that the rescue she got Rhoda from told her Rhoda hates grooming and has to be under anesthesia. Mom asked if I didn’t mind trying to groom Rhoda. I said I’d be happy to try. First appointment didn’t go that
well. She went home clean and half groomed… I went home with band aids. Over the next 6 monthish I did a little more, had help, but got her done. For the last 2 and a half years, Rhoda realized I wasn’t so bad and she let me groom her all by myself. She even gets excited when the trailer pulls up to her house now.

Advice on Losing a Pet

I think what helps when losing a pet, is the love my other pets have for me. After Shelby, my first dog, passed away Megan, our Australian shepherd, made it known she was going to take care of me. She started following me everywhere, sleeping at the foot of my bed snuggling with me and being my go to.

My advice for someone going through a loss is: I know its hard, and hurts like hell, and a part of you is  missing…But memories are forever.



Thank you for sharing some of your favorite memories, Heidi! I know it can be hard to think back on some of those memories and the emotions they bring up. My hope is that by sharing these memories, people can see they are not alone in mourning the loss of a loved one, and that it is important to focus on the good memories.

As we continue in the series, I hope we can learn from these experiences, and know that it is ok to move forward in life when ready. We do not want to forget our loved fur babies, but we also do not want to keep from adding a new member to the family. Our pets love us unconditionally, and they would want us to be happy and to be able to open our homes and hearts again.

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