I Want to Know Your Story

I was looking back at the comments on some of the posts, and I can see the love you have for your pets. If you are like me, you can talk about your pets all day to whomever will listen! So…why not create a post or a page specifically for that idea?

I want to know your story. Tell me about your favorite pet! I will list different categories you can choose from, or you can send in a story for all categories. The more the better.

Current Pets

This category is for those furry friends we have in our lives right now. How did you meet? How did they get their name? What makes them fit in your family?

For example, I adopted Hunter, our cat, from Lost Our Homes pet shelter this past year. When I took my three boys (and 2 others…what was I thinking?!), we were looking for a cat who was confident, would get along with others, and who would be okay with a loud home environment. My middle son gravitated towards Hunter (known as Julio at the time) and due to his looks and playfulness, my son and his friend decided to name him Hunter. This cat rules the house and the two big dogs that live here as well. He fits in at home due to his laid back attitude, his patience with the kids, and his playfulness with everyone.

Pets That Have Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge

This category is for the pets who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but who have left a special paw print on our hearts. I would love to hear their story, and how you met. What made them special to you? Did they help you through rough times, or was there a special circumstance that brought them into your life?

My example would be my baby, Roc. We adopted him at Arizona Animal Welfare League when he was 6 years old, and he lived to be almost 17 years old. Within those 10 years, he helped me through so much of the ups and downs of life, be it from job changes, pregnancy and miscarriages, and even relationship troubles. Roc will always have a special place in my heart because he taught me so much about myself, but also how valuable pets are to a family.

Silly Pets

Do you have a silly pet? Let’s talk about their silliness here. What makes them stand out to you? Do they have a special quirk or habit that you can’t stop giggling at? Have they had this habit since you adopted them, or is it something they started doing recently?

I have to say Beckham is my silly boy. He is 100+ pounds of fluff with no regard to personal space. Anytime I sit down on the couch, he comes up, and literally sits on my lap like he is a small dog. Oh…but it doesn’t stop there. Once he has made himself comfortable, he will roll over to lay on his back (with his back end still over my lap), open his belly up, and demand belly scritches. If I don’t pet him, he turns into a pretzel to give me a look of “Hello??? Why are you not petting me?” I don’t think I have seen a dog that big and that flexible before, but Beckham can fold himself up!

Don’t Forget the Hero, Too!

Do you have, or have you had a service pet in your family? Maybe you have a pet who has been able to save lives (yours or others) that you want to share stories about. What was the situation, and how did your pet become a hero? Did you know when you adopted them that there was something much more inside of them?

I would love to hear stories about service or rescue animals, therapy pets, or those special stories where your pet’s intuition saved a life.

It’s Up to You

I look forward to seeing the stories come in, and I am excited to dedicate a page specifically to your pets. Let’s see how many stories we can get, and maybe we will make a series of it!

You can email me your story and attach a picture to share at kelly@berniersmith.com, or you can leave a comment below. I can’t wait to see and hear all about your fur babies (or not so furry babies)!

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