Pets and Wine – A Winning Combination

Stoney Creek Wine Press Review

Name: Stoney Creek Wine Press


Price: Varies

Owners: Richard Smith and Derrick Carter

Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Customized Wine Labels, Product Overview

Stoney Creek is a place to go to print out personalized wine, beer, and even jam labels for special occasions or for special loved ones. They have multiple types of labels you can choose from, but they also have an option where you can upload your own photo or design.

The label editor will display your chosen design along with customized text fields where you can personalize it to your needs. You have the ability to edit text, colors, shapes, and material for your label. Once you are done editing the label, you can view it on a 3-D Bottle Preview. Choose the bottle type, size, and color, to see how your label looks.

Once you order the labels, a designer is assigned to your order. You have the ability to work closely with them to ensure the label is exactly what you need. If you have any questions or concerns, the designer you are working with will be the one to help you.

The labels will take approximately 48-72 hours to process, and another 3-5 days to ship. For those ordering in the U.S., the shipment comes from Washington state in first class, so you should receive your labels within 1 – 3 business days.

The Good & the Bad


  • The labels are fully customizable. You can upload your own pictures or designs.
  • After the order is processed, you deal with one person. There is no calling into a call center where you speak to a different person every time.
  • You can view your label in 3-D to ensure it looks good. There is no questioning how it will look on the wine or beer bottle.


  • It is hard to estimate the cost. You need to play around in the system to find how much it may cost.
  • They don’t ship wine or beer…just labels. (Although, they do work with a couple of wineries to create the full package.)

Who is Customized Wine Label For?

I thought this idea would be amazing for those who have lost a pet or who want to create a keepsake for their pets. It is completely customizable, so you can upload a favorite picture or memory and add it to a favorite wine bottle or beer stein. It is a smaller version of a portrait, so it will fit in many small, decorative places.

Want to have fun with your pets and customized labels? This is a possibility too. When I was looking into these labels, I thought of a few ideas such as “Roc’s Roooose” or “Beckham’s Brew”… Maybe “Nuka’s Limited Edition for all Moms Who Need a Glass of Wine Now”. Okay, that may be a bit much, but it gives you an idea on how you can create your own special label with your pet.

The nice thing is, glass bottles can be re-purposed for decoration. You can add flowers, sands, or beads…even your pet’s ashes. I am super creative like that, but I am sure there are tons of ideas out there in Pinterest or Google.


My Final Opinion of Customized Wine Labels by Stoney Creek

I really like this idea. I think it is a creative way to commemorate special relationships, and have fun while doing so. Customized labels can be added to wine bottles, beer bottles, jam containers, but you can also use them for art projects or when you are creating a memorial for your pet.

I also like the idea because pets and wine go hand in hand. We all love our pets, and wine has become a hot commodity, so why not create a customized wine label that commemorates the bond you have with your pet? I mean…when you are having a glass of wine, where does your pet usually sit? Mine? Across my lap or right next to me.

Tell me what you think…have you had any experience with Stoney Creek Wine Press? How do you rate them?

6 thoughts on “Pets and Wine – A Winning Combination”

  1. Hahaha. Awesome idea! I love it. I have a very  very young puppy who myself and my family absolutely adore. When I stumbled upon this article, I sprinted to run it by the rest of the family as a serious proposal. After a good, hearty laugh and a moment to adore our little puppy, we all agreed that we will commemorate our puppy with a wine bottle in the near future with a custom bottle design. Awesome idea; thank you for the inspiration!!

    1. Aww, I love it! I also love the idea that these labels don’t just need to be used for memorial purposes.  They can be used as fun gifts or decorations in general.  Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this! Your website struck right to my heart, it’s so personal. I’m not ready to lose my cats… I know that no pet parent is ever ready, but it’s hard to imagine healing from the loss.

    I love the idea of commemorating their precious souls through something like this. It’s special and unique. This seems like a great option! I recently visited a shop, just this past weekend, that also does wood burning and stone carving with images of pets. Have you seen stuff like that? Maybe in the form of ornaments? Also a really cool idea.

    Thanks for writing such a unique and meaningful blog! 

    1. Thanks Jordan! I have not seen the wood burning/stone carving, but I will definitely look into it. 

  3. What a novel idea for creating a unique and personalized gift for someone special from Stoney Creek Wine Press. This is a new option that I have not seen before, but it is one that makes you go “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is that good! I can imagine the scenarios where having such labels available would be appropriate. There are many.

    The cost of these likely is not that cheap, but when it comes to finding something new that communicates value and the special status you may hold for someone, this is a perfect idea. Add to that an image of your pet or their pet and voila, you have added another personal touch.

    I am going to check the site out from Stoney Creek Wine Press and get my order in, the first recipients will be the company staff for our bi-annual meeting that is coming up in July of this year. I will provide bottles of red or white per each employee’s taste (more personalization opportunity!). Thanks for finding and sharing this with us…  

    1. Thanks Dave! I thought it was a great idea too…especially since customized wine and beer are a hot commodity these day. The site is easy to navigate, so don’t worry about getting lost or confused. Stoney Creek really lays everything out nicely.

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