Who is Comfort Connects? Comfort Connects Review.

Comfort Connects Keepsakes & Grief Support Review

Comfort Connects ReviewName: Comfort Connects Keepsakes and Grief Support
Website: Comfortconnects.com
Price: varies
Owners: Rebecca MacDonald
Overall Rank: 5 out of 5

Comfort Connects Introduction

Say Hello to Rebecca:

Rebecca MacDonald founded Comfort Connects based on an undeniable bond between her and her Boxer, Max. She grew up with many pets in her life; however, Max was special; her and Max connected on a deeper level especially during some difficult times in Rebecca’s life.

When Rebecca left for art school, she had to leave Max at home. Missing him terribly, she decided to collect some of his fur on a trip home for the holidays. When she returned to school, she experimented making jewelry with his fur and found a piece that preserved his fur perfectly!

A few months later, Max passed away; however, Rebecca was able to keep his memory alive in the necklace she made with a little of his fur. She saw how much comfort this small keepsake gave her that she decided to create keepsakes for others who mourn the loss of their own pets.

New Beginnings:

After Rebecca graduated from school, she created a blog and a built a community around pet loss and now she is able to share her creativity and bring people closer to their beloved pets.

Rebecca is an inspiring person who has taken her passion for animals and turned it into a community to help others who are struggling with the loss of their pets. She creates hand crafted jewelry, pocket stones, artwork, hand-embroidered pieces, and keepsakes; and also has grief resources and pet tributes on her website.

Rebecca’s Own Words: 

I am honored to have created keepsakes and portraits for more than 1’000 people worldwide. Knowing that what began as a way for me to feel closer to my dog has reconnected so many people with their loved ones truly warms my heart. Providing something tangible that helps mend a broken heart, in turn, helps me with my own heartache.”

Comfort Connects Products

Here are the certain products that Comfort Connect offers: These are quality, hand-made items, made specifically for your needs. Rebecca communicates with her clients during the process to ensure the end product is perfect.

Jewelry & Keepsakes:

You can find necklaces, rings, earrings, and key chains under this tab. Each piece can preserve either your pet’s fur, ashes, feathers, or whiskers. Each item will specify how much of your pet’s ashes or fur, etc will be needed to make the piece of jewelry. It is noted, that if your pet has white fur, it does take 2x as much as other colored fur. Comfort Connects can also only accept ashes and fur from Canada or the United State.

Many of the items will require the ashes, fur, etc; however, there are a few options where you can stamp your pet’s name into a charm or include an amethyst stone meant to help the healing process.

Please note, pendants do not include the chain; however, she does offer the option of purchasing a chain in addition to the pendant/charm.

My favorite items:

Cat loss necklace with cat charm, always in my heart charm, and amethystCustom memorial necklace with photo and your pet’s hair or ashesPaw Print Memorial Necklace

Pocket Stones:

Comfort Connects offers 3 options to choose from for pocket stones. You can choose from Pawcket Stone, Pawcket Stone (Patterned), or Pawcket Stone with your pet’s fur.

Each of these items are created based off of your pet’s paw print and made into a mixed resin pendant. The cost will be determined based on the paw size you request. The general size is 1.5″ x 1.25″; however, you can opt for the following:

Optional Sizes:
    • Tiny (1″) – Teacup poodle
    • xxSmall (1.5″) – Yorkie
    • xSmall (2″) – Dachshund
    • Small (2.5″) – Beagle
    • Medium (3″) – Cocker Spaniel
    • Large (4″) – Labrador
    • xLarge (5″) – Bernese

The Pawcket Stone will come in black; however, you can opt for the Pawcket Stone (Patterned) if you prefer to show the paw’s different colors. This will show your pet’s paws…exactly! The same sizing applies to the Patterned Stones.

If you would like to submit locks of your pet’s fur or ashes, you can have it included into the Pawcket Stone as well.

It’s pretty neat, that you can choose which type of stone you want, and if you want to include the nail markings.

Pawcket Stones

Digital Art and Pet Portraits:
Digital Art:

Comfort Connects also offers great digital prints of your pet’s paws, nose prints, or even silhouette shots of your favorite photo. The nice thing about the digital prints is that Rebecca will email you the digital file, and you can print out at home or your favorite print shop.

If you choose a digital art piece, you will send Rebecca your favorite photo or a picture of your pet’s paw print or nose print, and she will turn it into a great frameable piece. You also have the ability to add text to the photo and make it even more personal.

Custom Portraits:

The custom pet portraits are absolutely beautiful! Rebecca has an incredible ability to take your favorite pet photo and turn it into a thoughtful pencil drawing. Each portrait is done as a 8×10″ drawing of your pet’s head and neck. If you are interested in something a little more custom, you can email Rebecca and she will work with you on what you are interested in.

Rebecca offers the ability for weekly updates if you should choose to see the progress of your portrait. Once it is complete it will be shipped in bubble wrap and will also require a signature upon delivery.

Digital ArtCustom head/neck Portrait





Hand Embroidered Keepsakes:

The last option to purchase is a very pretty hand-embroidered floral paw-print. If you like embroidery, this is definitely an option to check out.

You will send in a photo of your pet’s paw print and choose from a floral color palette and Rebecca will create an embroidery for you to display with your favorite pet photo or even by itself. Again, any time you are interested in something custom, talk to Rebecca and she will discuss options with you.

Hand-Embroidered Gifts

Cost and Shipping:

Knowing it can be hard to afford keepsakes after losing a pet, Rebecca’s costs are quite reasonable. You will find something to help you remember your pet for $15 – $500. If you are interested in something that is not specifically on her website, you can contact her and she will work with you on your needs and the cost for the specialty item.

When your item is completed, you will receive a photo of the product to ensure it meets your expectations. After you confirm you approved the product, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Grief Support Blog:

Even with all the amazing items you can purchase, Comfort Connects is all about community and helping people through the grieving process. She has a blog and she has guest-written on my blog regarding how to walk through your grief journey.

She provides tips and ideas as well as a memory board and pet tributes, and a grief support library. There is so much great information regarding how she became a pet loss / grief journey artist/creator. (I mean, I am not sure this is what her actual title is, but…it is fitting, right?) There are ideas on how to work through grief, letters from Heaven and so much more.


I wanted to shed light on Comfort Connects for a few reasons.

    1. We mourn the loss of our pets when they pass over the rainbow bridge; however, there are not a lot of quality products to help us remember them.
    2. I have not seen many (if any) blog sites that offer products AND grief support.
    3. Rebecca is an honest person who has gone through the grieving process. She willing to share her artistic abilities to create beautiful pieces of art so that you can remember your pet in the best way possible.

Comfort Connects is a great site to share with your friends, your veterinarians, your pet sitter…everyone who has or has had a pet. The website has beautiful products, but even if you don’t purchase anything, you can still utilize the information in the blog and the library.

Go and check out Comfort Connects and let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Who is Comfort Connects? Comfort Connects Review.”

  1. What a great post to share. Thank you for this. 

    I would imagine that this niche area would do very well and serve as a wonderful platform for helping those who suffer from the loss of their loved pets. The mourning is very much like that of mourning the loss of humans and the psycological effects are just as real and profound. This service, especially the grief services are a great place for pet owners to take the first steps getting the help they need. 

    The prices for memorial products seems very reasonable. I haven’t delved into the website, but I wonder what qualifications in counciling that the website creator may have, as this would only help their business and their customers. 

    Thanks again 

    1. Thanks Dale! The website offers community and support, but she doesn’t offer counseling sessions. She takes from her experiences and learning to help others, so it’s not like an actual online counseling center. I hope that helps!

  2. Losing a loved one, including our four-legged family members, can be devastating. So it is great to find that one can have keepsakes of your furry friend, and thereby keep their memory alive, and help you through the grieving process.

    Rebecca seems to offer a big range of keepsakes on her website Comfort Connects. You mention that ashes from Canada and the United States are accepted, so does this mean that other keepsakes are only available in the USA and Canada? Or can keepsakes be ordered from other parts of the world? Thank you. 

    1. You can order other items from around the world; however, she can only accept ashes, etc in Canada and US; however, she is just an email away for any questions. 

  3. Comfort Connects Keepsakes & Grief Support truly warms the heart with its unique and beautiful solutions for remembrance. Rebecca MacDonald, the founder, has crafted an incomparable community of compassion and comfort to surround those who have experienced such heartbreaking loss. The artistic keepsakes are lovingly made with a  personal touch: incorporating ashes, fur, feathers and whiskers of beloved pets.Their website cares for customers with grief resources and pet tributes that embody genuine love and consideration. Rebecca’s passion has been translated into a service which assists countless individuals. Even though I haven’t had the chance to use their services yet, I can imagine how peaceful it must be to hold a special souvenir in honor of our furry friends. Comfort Connects Keepsakes & Grief Support is an excellent source of solace for any pet owner needing remembrance. From high-quality mementos to their heartfelt touch, this service will undoubtedly bring treasured comfort to many.

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