Pet Memorial Gift Ideas – Humane Goods 25” Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime Review

I have heard many people have gone through the loss of a pet recently, and it got me thinking…” Is there a nice pet memorial gift that is of good quality and that can last for many years?” Personally, I like gifts that have a meaning behind it or are personalized… I am not saying a picture frame is bad, but I want something that gives more meaning. My quest to find a worthy gift populated a ton of ideas, but the Humane Goods 25” Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime really stuck out to me. This blog will be a review of the wind chimes and if I think it is a worthy gift.

So… What is the Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime?

Here are the stats:

The entire gift is 25″ long and contains 6 chimes measuring 36cm to 25cm in length and tuned to the pentatonic scale. The chimes are made of quality material that creates a beautiful tone instead of the dull ring heard in other smaller wind chimes. Each tube is a different color of the rainbow and the seal at the bottom of the chime reads “Meet me under the Rainbow Bridge.

The wind chime is completely assembled, so you do not have to worry about setting up the tubes in the correct order. (Hooray!) It is a simple design; however, the quality of the materials and the fact it is created to hang outdoors is a plus. You can even request to have your pet’s name engraved on the chime.

What’s the cost? On sale now, it is $34, but when the sale is over, the price goes back to $67.

Music to My Ears?

I was thinking about this because chimes can be either beautiful or absolutely annoying depending on the sound they make and how often they make that sound. I also think to the size of the object and if it would be conducive in a small apartment or house in the city or in a larger home in the suburbs or country.

Now, I get annoyed with some wind chimes because the tone is too high and too tinny (is that a word?). My home is in Phoenix, so we don’t get a lot of wind, but when the wind does arrive, it can be big and it can stay for a day or two at a time. That means, the Rainbow Bridge chime may make music on occasion, but it will constantly lovely to the eye. For cities that are more windy like Chicago, those chimes may be playing music all day and all night.

Thankfully, you can hear the chimes here and make a decision for yourself. Personally, the tone is not to high. It has a great range of notes that work well together to not become too bothersome for me.

In regard to the size…the chime itself is 25″ tall. I have a big mesquite tree that it can hang from; however, some pet parents may not have a big tree to hang it from. Depending on the housing situation you are in, you can hang it from the eves of the home or on a large plant hanger…even inside from an eye hook in the ceiling. It will just depend on if it is conducive to your living situation…and your (cough) neighbors.

For me…my mesquite tree in the backyard is perfect!

Why Would I Buy This Product?

Because it’s cool… Well, OK, beside that. Why would this be a good purchase?

First of all, the gift is to remember the life of a loved pet. It is to honor those pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and to have something tangible that will remind us of those days gone by. Each pet is unique, but the overall message remains the same. They are waiting to meet us under the Rainbow Bridge.

Second, these chimes are made from quality material. It is heartbreaking when you purchase a remembrance gift and it breaks or wears down in a few months. Even though the cost may be a little more than one would expect to spend, it is definitely worth the purchase. The tubes are thick and can handle most weather, and each is tuned to the pentatonic scale.

Third, the company, Humane Goods, created the wind chime to be of good quality because of the love of animals. They create beautiful, cruelty-free products for pets as well as gifts to remember our pets by. In addition to creating these quality products, they also create awareness for animal welfare and building a business that focuses on the animal and not just on profit. Animals come first.

Fourth… I am circling back…because the wind chimes are cool. I love the idea of sitting in my backyard, listening to the wind chimes, remembering my fur babies who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. There is something so calming and soothing about listening to the wind move and the chimes sing. The wind chime is also aesthetically pleasing as it does not consist of drab metal tubes. Humane Goods put a lot of effort into making the product look pretty in addition to sounding pretty.

Kelly’s Final Thoughts and Rating


I am going to give this a 4.8 out of 5. The idea, the material, the quality are all positive. I am only concerned with people who get annoyed easily (again..cough, neighbors) and the size for those people who may not have enough room to house this product. The visual aspect is a great remembrance of the Rainbow Bridge and how we will meet our pets again, and the music is not harsh on our ears.

The positives outweigh the negatives in this pet product review. The Humane Goods 25″ Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime is a worthy gift for those who have lost a loved pet AND who are looking to make a conscious effort to help animals in need.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have more questions…and let me know if you purchase one. I would love to hear your review as well!

To purchase, click HERE!

Till the next time…

With love,


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